Role: Modeled sculpted details on pen for Spot

Production Studio: Frame Dk

German luxury goods brand, Montblanc has built an international reputation over the past 100 years as a leader in luxury pen and leather goods by uniting fine European craftsmanship with time-honoured designs. Their iconic six-pointed snowcap rivals with the best in class when it comes to brand recognisability and so it was a pleasure to be working with such an icon again.

In 2015 Montblanc committed to a 12 year journey; Each year they would craft a new unique masterpiece celebrating and encompassing the Eastern zodiac of the year. Frame was commissioned to create an introductory product film that elaborates this year's masterpiece: The Year Of The Rabbit.

The pen is contrasting in design; from a very neat and repetitive pattern on the base of the pen to the intricate illustration on the cap.

Engraved in sterling silver the illustration contains symbolic elements; Auspicious clouds for happiness and a mountain for protection it creates the environment, a radish for luck, an osmanthus tree for success and a rabbit in an active, standing position for dignity and good fortune.

Dressed up in a creative setting inspired by these elements, the movie explores the many details that the pen features; From the classic Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl on the cap to the pearl as birth stone for the rabbit on the end cone. At top of the cap the years of the Zodiac Rabbit are engraved and on the pen itself we have a solid gold nib with embossing of the rabbit.

Direction / Design / Animation⁠
Music & Sound design
Manuel Mayer
German Representation

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