Throughout the past year, I've had the incredible privilege and joy of serving a the Modeling Supervisor for characters and props on the "Screeb Queen" and on "Traveler Vision" I stepped in for the modeling Lead, Carlo Kasongo, whilst he was away on holiday, to help support, create the integral worlds of Destiny 2 and the epic conclusion of The Final Shape space opera.

Collaborating with the exceptionally talented and passionate team at Axis Studios, we've delved into a diverse array of narratives—from abstract, metaphor-laden premonitions to dream sequences and spine-chilling nightmare scenarios, culminating in adrenaline-pumping action sequences.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire Final Shape team at Axis, my fellow artists, and colleagues for their outstanding artistry, as well as to the Bungie team for entrusting us with these compelling stories.
Destiny 2: The Final Shape – SCREEB QUEEN

Directed by Sava Zivkovic
Executive Producer – Laura Yeo
Producer – Natasha Shetye
Art Director – Emrys Ryan
CGI supervisor – John Huikku
Character Modeling and Prop Supervision - Scott Denton

Made sure that all Character and Props were done to the level of quality excpeted by both Axis and Bungie . Also helped upres old game assets to production level quality mainly the Queen and Screebs  handling some of the elements and giving guidence on how to improve  the rest.
Destiny 2: The Final Shape - TRAVELER VISION

Directed by Sava Zivkovic
Executive Producer – Laura Yeo
Producer – Valeria Palamarchuk
Art Director – Emrys Ryan
CGI supervisor – Kristian Jensen
Character Modeling and Prop lead - Carlo Kasongo was full Lead only standing in for a week on this

I stepped in for the modelling Lead, Carlo Kasongo, whilst he was away on holiday, to support the Travellers vision sequence



Emrys Ryan - Art Director
Milan Nikolic - Art Director


Ewan Wright - CG Supervisor
Ross Gilbert - CG Supervisor
George Allan - CG Supervisor
Hudson Martins - CG Supervisor
Kristian Jensen - CG Supervisor
Steven Barbour - Supervisor
Vania Alban-Zapata - CG Supervisor
John Huikku - CG  Supervisor
Stevie Gill - CG Supervisor
Cameron Mitchell - CG Supervisor


Laura Yeo - Executive Producer
Johanna Knaapi - Producer
Natasha Shetye - Producer
Valeria Palamarchuk - Producer
David Botchey - Producer
Alvaro Montenegro Bolin - Senior Producer
Kat Dubinska - Producer Cover
Taryn Stafford - Producer
Rhona Scott - Supervising Production Manager
Katie Schwinck - Production Manager
Shannen Grant - Production Manager
Jen Scott-Fitzgerald - Senior Production Coordinator
Alexa Lasocka - Production Coordinator
Alexandra Mocsari - Production Coordinator
Calum McIntosh - Production Coordinator
Daniel Beltran - Production Coordinator
Matthew Koorsse - Production Coordinator
Rory Savage - Production Coordinator
Marion Crocker - Production Assistant
Emma Douglas - Production Assistant


Paul Coulthard - Lead Storyboard Artist
Joann Le Blanc - Storyboard Artist
Neil Edwards - Storyboard Artist


Jon Beeston - Head of Art
Diego Llorens - Concept Artist
Dmitry Tsmokh - Concept Artist
Jannis Mayr - Concept Artist
Jimmy Duda - Concept Artist
Kamila Szutenberg - Concept Artist
Krystian Biskup - Concept Artist
Adam Marton - Concept Artist
Yannic Kawan - Concept Artist
Yogi Soelastama - Concept Artist
Martin Aggerholm - MGFX Artist
René Aigner - Colour Script Artist


Lee Croudy - Head of Previs & Layout
Alberto Garcia - Layout Lead
Santy Otero - Layout Lead
Jimmy Farrington - Layout Artist
Cristian Carmona - Layout Artist
Daniel Volosozhar - Layout Artist
Davide Cioffi - Layout Artist
Jo Migodzinska - Layout Artist
Katarzyna Olszewska - Layout Artist


Amy Ash - Head of Characters
Scott Denton - Character Supervisor
Steve Jubinville - Character Modelling Lead
Peter Nowacki Nowacki - Character Surfacing Lead
Carlo Kasongo - Lead Character Artist
Alex Stratulat - Senior Character Artist
Carl Forsberg - Senior Character Artist
Kirill Boutourlin - Senior Character Artist
Piotr Orlinski - Senior Character Artist
Sebastian Deredas - Senior Character Artist
Artur Owsnicki - Character Artist
Dulce Segarra López - Character Artist
Eva De Prado - Character Artist
Kevin Casanada - Character Artist
Khoi Nguyen - Character Artist
Marceli Guziewicz - Character Artist
Robin Isola - Character Artist
Sophie Blayrat - Character Artist
Valentin Viennot - Blendshapes Artist
Louise Masse - Blendshapes Artist


Camille Fourniols - Groom Supervisor
Hamish Mitchell - Lead Groom Artist
Linda Dussine - Senior Groom Artist
Elena Distefano -  Groom Artist


Chris Livesey - Head of Environments
Alec Walker - Lead Environment Artist
Ciro Cardosa - Lead Environment Artist
Josef Bsharah Cherif Bichara - Lead Environment Artist
Jakub Vondra - Senior Environment Artist
Kaz Tachibana - Senior Environment Artist
Ronnie Chan - Senior Environment Artist
Bondok Max Ali - Environment Artist
Daniel Mille - Environment Artist
Djordje Jovanovic - Environment Artist
George Allan - Environment Artist
Ian Tan -Environment Artist
Jérémy Chopin - Environment Artist
Kerr McNicol - Environment Artist
Marcos Souza Melco - Environment Artist
Michael Hoft - Environment Artist
Mihailo Radošević - Environment Artist
Milos Belanec - Environment Artist
Stuart Bunkell - Environment Artist
Danil Mille - Environment Artist


Amy Ash - Props Lead
Elena Distefano - Senior Prop Artist
Artur Owsnicki - Prop Artist
Santiago Gonzalez - Prop Artist
Sebastian Deredas - Prop Artist
Stellan Joerdens - Prop Artist
Theo Albertini - Prop Artist


Roo MacNeill - Vehicle Lead
Mihailo Radošević - Vehicle Artist
Zack Osmund - Vehicle Artist


Will Pryor - Rigging and CFX Supervisor
Tiago Beijoco - Rigging Lead / Senior TD
Claudio Quarra Sacco - Rigging TD
Eilidh Brown - Rigging TD
Hannah Bahyan - Rigging TD
ToonKit SAS Francois Gardinal - Rigging TD
Hugo Crombez - Shotsculpts
Justin Dolan - Shotsculpts
Markus Hadinger  - Shotsculpts


Will Pryor - Rigging and CFX Supervisor
Chloe Paton - Lead CFX Artist
Dyllan Lu - Senior CFX Artist
Peter Radics - Senior CFX Artist
Darshan Jain - CFX Artist
David Graham - CFX Artist
Josh Rizzo - CFX Artist

Rishab Chitroda - Head of Animation
Laura MacMahon - Lead Animator
Pepe Palacios - Lead Animator
Piotr Zyla - Lead Animator
Mink Kungsapiwattana - Lead Animator
Geoffrey Rakotoarisoa - Lead Animator
Alberto Gracia Galera - Senior Animator
Filip Pachucki - Senior Animator
Aram Lakhotia - Senior Animator
Quentin Retif - Senior Animator
Saumya Goyal - Animator
Aloke Sarkar - Animator
Daniel Gerhardt - Animator
Lukas Gecas - Animator
Michel Denis De Silva - Animator
Nikhil Chandra - Animator
Catherine Soreau - Animation Tech Support
Eamonn Grady - Animation Tech Support


Henri Morain - Head of FX
Michal Gradziel - FX Supervisor
Cyriel Verkuijlen - Lead FX Artist
Moises Rejano - Lead FX Artist
Valdemaras Dzengo - Lead FX Artist
Hudson Martins - Senior FX Artist
Spike Meesters - Senior FX Artist
Umesh Namdev - Senior FX Artist
Agata Cichosz - FX Artist
Ali Gorgec - FX Artist
Erwin Smeenge - FX Artist
Filip Cieslak - FX Artist
Jorge Catala - FX Artist
Juri Krizanic - FX Artist
Matt Evans - FX Artist
Moussa Brecq - FX Artist
Rebeca Cerro - FX Artist
Vladimir Shelest - FX Artist
Thales Natan Souza de Souza - FX Artist
Arun Ravi - FX TD


Steven Cormann - Digital Matte Painter
Gerardo Surzin - Digital Matte Painter
Jannis Mayr - Digital Matte Painter
Ke Pham - Digital Matte Painter
Kevin Decatoire - Digital Matte Painter
Meike Deutscher - Digital Matte Painter


Luca Candela - Head of Lighting & Lookdev
Ignacio Corrales - LRC Lead
Mateo Bernard - LRC Lead
Jason Brenes - LRC Lead
Dan McCance - LRC Lead
Dario Sabato - Senior Lighting Artist
Alexandre Berger - Senior Lighting Artist
Jon Perez - Senior Lighting Artist
Jose Ballester - Senior Lighting Artist
Nicole Rothermel - Senior Lighting Artist
Pawel Szklarski - Senior Lighting Artist
Quique Civera - Senior Lighting Artist
Attila Mark Szedlak - Lighting Artist
Christian Alarcon - Lighting Artist
Eleonora Calogero - Lighting Artist
Jules Peyres - Lighting Artist
Katha Nabadalung - Lighting Artist
Kirill Kononenko - Lighting Artist
Mau Lobel - Lighting Artist
Peter Nowacki Nowacki - Lighting Artist
Quentin Destais - Lighting Artist
Antonio Dios - Lighting TD
Marcello Ruvolo - Lighting TD
Raul Riocerezo - Lighting TD


Louise McGregor - Head of Editorial
Michelle Dimopoulos - Senior Editor
Graham Silcock - Senior Editor
Iain Miller - Senior Editor
Stephen Mulholland - Editor
Caroline Whyte - Assistant Editor
Duncan Formosa - Assistant Editor


Matthew Stanton - Show TD
Andrew Clunes - Render Support Lead
Chloe Campbell - Render Support
Sandra Kimm - Render Support
Thomas Katsikoudis -  Render Support

Athena Gerakis - Crew Supervisor
Lily Smith Crew - Coordinator
Eugenie Theuer Crew - Coordinator
John Ferry - Crew Coordinator


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